Michaela Merz

Room with a view

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IMG_20160507_1118176Back in Ascona. I enjoy it. Water, fresh air, the mountains. Good food, good wine, friendly people. The bustle and the peace, depending on what one wants at the time. After breakfast, a leisurely trip with a mini-steamer. The enthusiasm of the owner, who designed and built all the machinery himself, is catching.




On the piazza in Ascona there is bustle en masse. Playthings for adults are on display. Motorboats, yachts, luxury cars from 60,000 SFR upwards stand side by side, just as if it were now sales time at half price. Instead of 60,000 SFR only 30,000 SFR. A bargain!! But no, it is not a sale. We wander along and are impressed by the imaginativeness, at the beautiful design, at the precision of the execution. Such a luxury boat is beautiful. And then the motorboat race on the lake starts. The engines scream loudly and the water is churned up. The waves and the men’s hearts beat ever higher.









The best view is from above. The view down to the water. A few years ago there was a knock on my hotel room door on Rhodes. A Swiss couple wanted to look out of my window to see what the sea view is like. The hotel had proposed to them that if they paid a 100 SFR extra for the week, they could move into rooms with a sea view. They looked around quickly, then at one another and decided unanimously that it wasn’t worth the 100 SFR. I asked them whether I could look at the view from their room. She opened the door and it was like a slap in the face. The window opened on the street passing the hotel and the rock face.

The lady said – look, the street noise is almost as loud as the sea- and looked at me instructively. Yes, people are different. For me the view over the sea or the lake is priceless. And if I can afford it, I am willing to pay a premium to have it.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Because that has remained so deep in my thoughts, I told the story to one of my clients. He listened attentively and then said to my horror that, when he goes on holiday with his parents, they do exactly the same. He doesn’t want to throw his money out of the window just for that. Fortunately, I had only told my story but not revealed my personal opinion. This would not have enhanced our client relationship I suppose.

Yes, there is always something to learn.

IMG_20160505_1252095 IMG_20160505_1225129 IMG_20160505_1213286

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