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273006_web_R_K_by_Ilse Dunkel (ille)_pixelio.deI remember well what joy it had been when I moved into my first own flat at the age of just 20 years. The furniture I had taken over for from the previous tenant for a ridiculous price and was glad about it. Large investments were not possible with my student budget. All the bigger was the joy when I received something useful or practical. The things started to accumulate. Over the years my relationship to material things changed. I like things with a message, which tell a story or represent artisanal skills. Almost all chairs I have are different. This has to do with the fact that I bought them one by one over the years. They are all used, the oldest one is from the 17th century and all of them have a story to tell.

Now I am standing for a long time in front of a piece and consider whether I should buy it. My doubts have to do with the question of space and the critical question, whether I really, but really need it. In the majority of cases I decide against the purchase. This decision after a long inner fight brings relieve. Resisted the temptation!! Yippee!!

I visited a colleague from primary school. By accident, we met after decades in Prague and he recognised me. In the first moment, I was astonished why this slightly plump gentleman who was unknown to me greeted me so effusively. He invited me for a coffee and since he expected the electrician, we had to go to his house. It was a nice afternoon full of colourful and joyful memories. I enjoyed it. I remembered how as children we had friendship books, where friends and schoolmates painted or wrote something. I remembered that he had painted a Mickey Mouse for me. Unfortunately, my friendship book has disappeared; I don’t have it any longer. When I had finished telling the story, he looked mysteriously at me and said that I should come with him.

In the attic of his house, it was hardly possible to get through. Narrow passages and an endless number of cupboards and shelves. Then he opened one of the cupboards and primary school appeared. There were his old notebooks, exams, keepsakes from school excursions, but there was also my friendship book cased in leather, with the Mickey Mouse which he had painted years ago. I was speechless. That someone would keep something like this over decades. I decided to leave my friendship book with him. Now I know where it is and can visit him when I want to see it.

I am always again astonished what discoveries and surprises are waiting for one.


Bildquelle: Ilse Dunkel (ille)  / pixelio.de

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