My grandparents lived with the same furniture all their lives. Almost all the pieces were made of wood and they could certainly be used for a few more decades, but nobody wanted them. After they died, we all had to dispose of the old furniture.

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273006_web_R_K_by_Ilse Dunkel (ille)_pixelio.deI remember well what joy it had been when I moved into my first own flat at the age of just 20 years. The furniture I had taken over for from the previous tenant for a ridiculous price and was glad about it. Large investments were not possible with my student budget. All the bigger was the joy when I received something useful or practical. The things started to accumulate. Read More »

SS Rotterdam

My parents and grandparents had taught me to value craft. As a child with my mother I combed through countless barns, cellars, attics, storerooms and dilapidated houses, industrial ruins searching for old farm furniture, equipment, and tools. My mother has saved several items for the ensuing ages and carefully restored what would have been lost otherwise.Read More »