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Ghost story

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157612_web_R_K_B_by_A.Dreher_pixelio.deIf one travels during the holidays, the unknown is appealing and enriching. If one is travelling for business purposes, one requires efficiency and quietness. I am regularly on business trips and fight with banal situations in the various hotels, which make life difficult during business trips. For instance, if there is no hair dryer or there is one but it is hidden that well that I cannot find it (in a small room!!), if I cannot turn on the shower because I have never before seen such futuristic system or if the ventilator under my window hums continuously.

It is late in the evening. I sit in the bed dressed in my night gown, my computer on my knees. I work in this foreign city in that hotel room. Soon I would like to go to sleep. And suddenly I have the feeling that something strange is sharing the room with me. I raise the eyes from the monitor and watch how the large mirror above the desk opposite my bed starts moving. It seems spooky. In a split second I consider trying to get up and stopping the mirror. My mind signals me that it might be rather bloody for me, if not life-threatening. I pull the blanket over my head and protect myself the possible consequences of the fall. And then the mirror crashes on the floor and splinters in thousands of small broken pieces of glass. They are everywhere on the bed, the floor, on the desk, in my open suitcase.

I am sitting there astonished and surprised. But at the same time I am thinking whether the hotel will believe this story or whether they will ask me to pay for the mirror and the cleaning.

Actually the hotel sees it rather relaxed and short before midnight I change the room because cleaning up the broken glass will involve considerable work.

I don’t know, maybe I had an encounter with the 4th dimension or perhaps it was much more prosaic and the hook in the wall simply quitted its service after several years. I will hardly ever find out.


Bildquelle: A. Dreher / pixelio.de

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