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Back pain

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682926_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deI know Dana thanks to her back pain. I was in Winterthur, that was years ago. In the car park at the train station, I left my car and went in the direction of the stairs. Dana was walking in front of me and out of nowhere, she fell on the ground within seconds. Crashing she hit the concrete floor with her chin. It hurt just by listening. I went to help her. She sat on the ground and cried. I helped her getting up, tidied her as far as possible and offered her my help. Dana explained to me that every now and then she suffered from back pain. At that time, she was in an acute phase. This meant that the pain radiated to the right leg, which under strain failed without any warning. What followed was usually a fall. Dana did not cry because of the pain but because of helplessness and loss of control over her body. I looked at her rather dumbfounded. I felt very sorry for her.

We then went for a coffee and she told me her tale of woe. In the acute phase, the back pain was extremely strong and she had to take strong pain killers in order to be able to function at all. If the pain was too much, she could neither lie nor sit. This meant that she had to sleep in kneeling position. The reason why she had pain was not so easy to determine and she was at loss. She had visited several doctors but their recommendations were inconsistent and Dana at despair.

We met again. In the meantime her pain had decreased. But Dana was afraid of it coming back. The fear of pain determined her life. She went to physiotherapy, tried sauna and countless tips, but a small pain remained, a cutting threat always seemed to be there. Dana was afraid of possible future pain and in retrospect was searching for the why and the ultimate solution. I felt very sorry for her but could not help her either. At that time, her life seemed to be defined by non-existing pain.

Then I met her again recently, unexpectedly after years. She recognised me and greeted me warmly. I hardly recognised her. A radiating woman with a satisfied laugh, confident and self-assured. I was astonished and wanted to know how she had managed to get rid of her back pain. She told me that it had taken years, that she had tried countless physiotherapies without sustainable improvement. What had finally worked was banal. In an acute phase she had tried acupuncture, which caused terrible pain for seconds but freed her of her back pain for days. The advice she became was banal. Simply every morning gymnastics for 15 minutes. She started and the gymnastics worked wonder. By and by the cutting pain became less and less. It never completely disappeared but became so insignificant that she could disregard it. That way she defeated her pain with daily gymnastics. Almost banal, but at the same time impressive. I am very happy for her.


Bildquelle: Rainer Sturm/pixelio.de

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