Back pain

682926_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deI know Dana thanks to her back pain. I was in Winterthur, that was years ago. In the car park at the train station, I left my car and went in the direction of the stairs. Dana was walking in front of me and out of nowhere, she fell on the ground within seconds. Crashing she hit the concrete floor with her chin. It hurt just by listening. I went to help her. Read More »

‎Death (a book recommendation)

der Tod 1We are immortal. Most of us behave like this.
The real death is hidden, banished, euphemised. The read death causes fear. The real death does not exist.

The fictive death is celebrated, promotionally presented, voyeuristically exploited in films, books, news.Read More »

Achilles tendinitis II – or longing for jogging

I have an inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendinitis)). This is bad and has disfigured my daily routine beyond recognition. Since I cannot put weight on the damaged heel, the only way to move forward is by jumping or slightly supporting on the top. Read More »

Growing old is not for cowards

Every time I watch my parents, whose next big birthday will be the 80th, a funny feeling creeps over me. I love to have them and to return in their presence over and again to childhood because my mother complains every time that I don’t eat enough and my father’s instructions are still the same as 40 years ago.Read More »

Saturday night in the A&E department

Freedom of movement. The smell of the forest. Caress of the wind. The slight tension of the muscles. The exhausting climb of the mountain. I drive through the forest with my mind free and feel very well. It is a liberating, generous feeling of getting lost in time. I am less than 15 minutes away from my home. There is only one downhill route and then I am home. Slightly exhausted and very satisfied.Read More »