Invitation for informal Webcast on Country-by-Country Reporting

PwC_PC_Italy_Rome_MB_011.jpgLast month the OECD has published its final reports to combat Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (‘BEPS’). Finance Ministers from the G20 countries have since then endorsed the final detailed action plan for putting in place a coherent and transparent global tax regime.

One of the core themes of the BEPS action plan is the concrete requirement for all multinational companies (with a global turnover of EUR 750 million or more) to annually prepare the country-by-country report (CbC Report). As of 1.1.2016, CbC reporting data needs to be collected and (ultimately) reported and will be shared with tax authorities across the globe.

Due to the level of detail that needs to be reported and the global access to this data, CbC reporting is expected to be one of the most critical BEPS actions. Since many of you have asked me about this, I have organised that my transfer pricing colleagues will hold a webcast on CbC Reporting, to share with you:

1. Our insights into the OECD discussion that have led to CbC Reporting and the CbC Report as it now stands;
2. Our view on (and solutions for) the data extraction process and the approaches to preparing the CbC Report;
3. The process to implement the OECD CbC reporting package into Swiss law and how the CbC Report will be shared by tax authorities across countries;
4. How tax authorities may interpret your company’s data discloses in the CbC Report.

This webcast will take place on Tuesday 8 December from 4PM to 5PM Central European Time.

If you would like to join this Webcast, please send an email to my Assistant Rahel Zanner ( with your personal Details until Friday 4 December at the latest. We’ll make sure you receive the webcast dial-in details in due time as well as the presentation.

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