Hungary – real time reporting as from 1. January 2021 and self billing arrangements, penalties to be expected as from 1 of April 2021

As of 1 January 2021, the scope of invoices to be reported was expanded, as the invoices issued to non-domestic (i.e. EU or non-EU) tax payers and non-taxable persons also have to be reported, thus the invoice data issued in relation to an intra-Community and export supplies are subject to reporting obligation as well.

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Hungary – changes in the field of digital reporting as from 1 of April 2020

The Hungarian online reporting is effective for invoices with the VAT content above HUF 100,000 issued after July, 1 2018. This online invoice reporting obligation will be subject to significant changes over the coming years.

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EU and the rest of the world – full transparency becoming the new reality

The EU’s new reporting regime (commonly referred to as DAC6) is a real game changer. Tax planning becomes full transparent. But this is not just another reporting regime, this has also a strategic impact on companies and individuals, also in Switzerland. Time to think about this is now. So what is DAC6 all about?Read More »

VATwatch – A solution that helps you identify your VAT risk exposure and gain valuable business insight

How can VATwatch help you manage VAT risk and gain valuable business insight?

What’s the problem?
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Recorded version: Webcast on Country-by-Country Reporting

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The WebEx session on Country-by-Country Reporting took place last Tuesday.
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Invitation for informal Webcast on Country-by-Country Reporting

PwC_PC_Italy_Rome_MB_011.jpgDear all,

Please note that the WebEx session on Country-by-Country Reporting will take place today.

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Invitation for informal Webcast on Country-by-Country Reporting

PwC_PC_Italy_Rome_MB_011.jpgLast month the OECD has published its final reports to combat Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (‘BEPS’). Finance Ministers from the G20 countries have since then endorsed the final detailed action plan for putting in place a coherent and transparent global tax regime.

One of the core themes of the BEPS action plan is the concrete requirement for all multinational companies (with a global turnover of EUR 750 million or more) to annually prepare the country-by-country report (CbC Report). Read More »

PwC – Reshaping the Tax Function of the Future

The world is changing at a very high speed. Basics, which were valid yesterday, will become obsolete tomorrow. Rarely does a day pass without an article about taxes appearing in one of the world’s leading newspapers – and, more often today than in the past, these articles appear on the front pages of these newspapers. This is a sign of the ever-increasing impact of taxes in our world today. Read More »