Michaela Merz

Australia – Goods and Services Tax threshold for imported goods

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420719_web_R_by_Ulla Trampert_pixelio.deIn a speech by the Treasurer at the COSBOA National Small Business Summit on Friday (17 July 2015), it was suggested that there may be changes to the GST low-value import threshold. Specifically he stated that “Our application of GST to imported digital products is potentially going to go further following discussions with the State Treasurers in mid-August. We’ve now found a way to ensure that those providing goods from overseas, into Australia, do not get any advantage out of the tax free threshold.”

Please read more HERE or have a look on our WEBSIDE

For further details please feel free to contact my colleague of PwC Australia: Brady Dever (brady.dever@au.pwc.com) or my colleague of PwC Zurich: Andras Salanki (andras.salanki@ch.pwc.com)

Bildquelle: Ulla Trampert / pixelio.de

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