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Australia – GST on Low Value Goods – Commencing from 1 July 2018

You are no doubt aware that in just ​a couple of days (1 July 2018) the new Australian low value goods import laws are coming into force.

Who is Affected?

​​Any business that meets the AUD $75,000 registration threshold and ​sells low value goods​ (under $1000)​ into Australia to ​​consumers will be affected. Continue reading

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Australia – GST on low value goods as from 1st of July 2018

From 1 July 2018 Australian goods and services tax (GST) will apply to sales of low value goods sold to consumers in Australia. Businesses that meet the A$75,000 registration threshold will need to register for GST, charge GST on relevant sales and remit the GST to us by lodging returns. Continue reading

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Australia – Introduction of Diverted Profit Tax legislation as from 1 of July 2017

The Australian Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) has now been legislated. It is the most expansive cross-border tax change in Australia for many generations. The new tax is broadly written and there are very limited exemptions.

It was originally announced that the DPT would be based on the second limb of the UK DPT. However, the final Australian DPT now diverges significantly from the UK DPT. Continue reading

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Australia – Trusted Trader program streamlines international trade and improves supply chain security

The Australian Border Force is implementing the Australian Trusted Trader program aimed at streamlining international trade and improving supply chain security.  Refer to the internal and client flyers which outline the benefits and opportunities for affected clients receiving Trusted Trader accreditation which may include the ability to defer payment Continue reading

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Australia – Goods and Services Tax threshold for imported goods

420719_web_R_by_Ulla Trampert_pixelio.deIn a speech by the Treasurer at the COSBOA National Small Business Summit on Friday (17 July 2015), it was suggested that there may be changes to the GST low-value import threshold. Specifically he stated that “Our application of GST to imported digital products is potentially going to go further following discussions with the State Treasurers in mid-August. Continue reading

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Australia – tax guidance on bitcoin published on 20 August 2014

The Australian tax authority released a number of draft tax determinations and a guidance paper, in which it states that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not money or foreign currency for taxation purposes. It is the view of the Australian Taxation Office that: Continue reading