629559_web_R_K_B_by_Lisa Spreckelmeyer_pixelio.deLeonie is 9 years old. To the outside world she presents herself as a picture book girl. She greets, says thank you, likes going to school, does her homework with being admonished, tidies up her room in the evening and in the tram she gives her seat to the elderly. However her inside is currently an ordeal. She does not like going to sleep. Because then, when she is falling asleep the terrible nightmares come. She is haunted, eaten, imprisoned. Leonie is very much afraid of her dreams full of bad fantasy. When the dreams become unbearable, she walks across the flat to her parents’ bedroom. However the two of them don’t like that very much. When during one entire week she came every night to her parents’ bed, her father lost his patience. Finally Leonie is no longer 5 years old but almost 10.

The next night when Leonie woke in the middle of the night plagued by her bad dreams, she walked directly to the bedroom of her parents. The door was closed and Leonie knew why. But she did not want to return. She did not dare to just knock at the door to be let in. She was not sure whether her father would be angry and directly would send her back to her own bed to the monsters.

Leonie fetched her blanket and laid down in front of the bedroom door on the floor. Now she could sleep again. The monsters were defeated, the honour saved and the father not enraged.


Bildquelle: Lisa Spreckelmeyer /

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