629559_web_R_K_B_by_Lisa Spreckelmeyer_pixelio.deLeonie is 9 years old. To the outside world she presents herself as a picture book girl. She greets, says thank you, likes going to school, does her homework with being admonished, tidies up her room in the evening and in the tram she gives her seat to the elderly. Read More »

Dreams of men and boys

IMG_1312Within 24 hours I could watch the big male yearnings twice from close. First I was at the Nürburgring. Men of all ages had only eyes for the racing cars standing or driving around. And it was good like that because there was not much else to see. In the middle of the forest, in the middle of nowhere tarmac curves without end in order to test how to rev up an engine. Deafening, dominant noise, squeaking tires, just the smell of petrol was missing. The eyes of the men were shining. Read More »