Michaela Merz

Lola‘s little heart defect

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699331_web_R_by_www.helenesouza.com_pixelio.deLola had a little congenital heart defect. She had two electric circuits, which could both steer the heart. One normal one producing the wanted heart frequency and a very short one causing a pulse of 180.

Lola lived with this little defect without any difficulties. Every now and then, when the pattern for a short moment switched from the normal circuit to the short one and her heart started to race, she wondered what that was about. But since it only lasted for seconds and did not cause any problems, she did not pay any attention to it. When she got pregnant and the burden on her organism increased, these incidents began to accumulate and got longer and longer. This made Lola afraid and she had it checked by a heart specialist. It soon turned out that while she was pregnant there was hardly a permanent solution, as Lola was not willing to have heart surgery. Lola continued living with the defect and also if the palpitation lasted up to an hour, she did not care too much as she knew that her life and the life of her child were not in danger.

When she was six months pregnant she travelled to Paris where she had the chance to present her designs. I was an extremely important trip for her. She had worked long and success was within reach. At 7am in the morning she boarded the plane and went to her seat. In that moment her heart started to race. That was unpleasant but for her no reason to hastily get off the plane and to postpone her trip. Lola hoped that it would soon stop and tried to concentrate on her presentation. But it did not stop. When the plane landed, her heart was still racing. Lola started to get worried, more for the child than for herself. She deliberated whether she should go to hospital but the idea that they would keep here there and that she would not be able to present her designs, discouraged her. She called her doctor in order to discuss it with him and he calmed her by saying that it would not cause any damages for the unborn child. He gave her 12 hours.

Lola considered and decided to present her designs, then to get on the plane in the late afternoon and to return home as planned in the evening. If her heart would still be racing by then, she could immediately go to the emergency unit. And her day went exactly like that. With racing heart and red cheeks she managed her presentation and felt her pulse hectically beating at her throat. When she arrived rather exhausted at the airport in the afternoon, she called her husband. She wanted to ask him to pick her up from the airport and drive to the emergency unit. But as soon as she started talking, he interrupted her and said that he was in an important meeting and would call her back as soon as the meeting was finished. He hung up and Lola was left alone with her racing heart and growing fear. Then she called Carl, with whom she had been together until she had met her husband. Carl promised to pick her up and was at the airport on time. He drove her to hospital, waited patiently until all examinations were finished and petted her hand to quieten her. Lola received an injection and her heart jumped back to its normal rhythm. Completely exhausted, thankful for Carl’s support, Lola stretched on the bed in the emergency unit. In her mind large doubts started to come up, whether she had really chosen the right one as father for her child. Until then – and it was short after midnight – her husband had not called back.

Bildquelle: http://www.helenesouza.com  / pixelio.de

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