Michaela Merz

Achilles tendinitis II – or longing for jogging

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I have an inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendinitis)). This is bad and has disfigured my daily routine beyond recognition. Since I cannot put weight on the damaged heel, the only way to move forward is by jumping or slightly supporting on the top. However on one leg one cannot make large steps and everyday life becomes a painful challenge. Luckily I discovered the kybun shoes (www.kybun.ch). After spending half a fortune in two pairs of new shoes – we are talking about prices starting at CHF 280 per pair – my everyday life returned to painless normality, at least as long as I am wearing the shoes. With the inflamed Achilles tendon there is no thinking of walking barefoot. It hurts terribly. With the kybun shoes I can do everything as usual apart from jogging.

Getting rid of the inflammation is a process, which requires a lot of patience, a lot of stretching and a lot of time. The improvement steps resemble baby steps. They are tiny and every now and then “one lands on the bottom”, meaning that failure is not the exception but usual. I decided to go to a specialist, who believes in the healing power of the own body (with a bit of manual support from outside). I trust him, which is a good starting point for success. We agreed on an acupuncture treatment. This means that two thin needles are pierced in to the sole, where it hurts most. The last stich one week ago made me think of the purgatory. It must feel like that. I have a rather high tolerance for pain and never before had an injection against pain at the dentist. But this thin needle made me wince and scream uncontrolled like a wild animal. Tears of pain were running down my cheeks. Nevertheless I am looking forward to my next acupuncture stich. No, I am not minded masochistic and pain neither increases my lust nor my wellbeing. But the days after this stich are wonderful because the pain is gone. After the first treatment for two days, after the last one even for one entire week. Even walking barefoot was possible without pain. But unfortunately all this takes forever and there is still no light to be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Last week the winter was gone for a short time. I was driving home. It was light, even though it was already half past five, relatively warm and one could hear the birds announcing spring. Then I saw the first jogger and my heart stood still with longing. Then the next one and a few more, who were jogging on this mild evening. Just as the singing birds, also the amount of joggers massively increased with the warm weather. I looked after them and was sad and jealous at the same time. Yes, my wonderful, expensive kybun shoes help me bring normality in my daily routine but there is still no thinking of jogging. I miss it. I miss putting on the jogging shoes and run out into the fresh air. I miss the freedom of movement, emptying the head, I miss feeling the wind on my cheeks and to breathe the smell of nature. I MISS JOGGING. Then I look forward to my next acupuncture stich and hope that with spring I finally can take my running shoes again out of the shelf and start running. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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One thought on “Achilles tendinitis II – or longing for jogging

  1. I know, Achilles tendon can be serious, but with the right course of treatment it can be repaired. Yeah! I will certainly pray for you, Michaela.


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