Michaela Merz

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By chance I sat next to Erwin. Next summer Erwin will be 60. He is educated, well read, has travelled throughout the world, is fairly rich and influential. He is also slim and sporting and for his age good looking.

He told me about his last weekend. He went to Basle to visit the Art Museum. He wanted to enjoy Chagall’s works. Continue reading

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395479_original_R_by_Marcus Stark_pixelio.deThe theatre „Basler Vorstadttheater“ made a side trip to Zurich with its show “Bambi”. I suggested to my youngest one to go to the theatre. The weather was not all that great and the Basle theatre performs wonderfully. Just that my youngest one dismissed Bambi as something for children, as something which would be almost unworthy for an 8 years old. Continue reading