Michaela Merz


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AgaveAfter her studies as a teacher, Kim started her first job as a maths teacher in the international school. This had been 56 years ago. One year later she married Arni. As a wedding present, one of her students gave her a seedling of a tiny agave, which she had brought from a journey to Portugal. Kim’s interest in plants was very limited but she was nevertheless happy about the present. All the more was Arni’s enthusiasm, who loved gardening and also took care of the house plants.

For years the agave lived in a small pot in their sleeping room and was silent witness of all developments of their marriage.

To the outside the marriage was over all the years exemplary and happy. However inside the marriage had gone silent after two decades and just lead to hurting each other more and more. But in the meantime they had had children and the marriage kept thanks to the children. Sometime the loss of words and the pain were no longer to be borne. Kim and Arni separated and divided the wealth they had assembled over the years. Kim did not want the Agave, which had grown in the meantime because she did not want to be reminded of her wedding on a daily basis. Arni did not have the heart to get rid of the plant and kept it. He put it into a new pot. This bestowed the plant unexpected space and the Agave started to grow strongly. It grew bigger and bigger and Arni made again the mistake by putting it into an even bigger pot. By then it was so heavy and big that every time the plant had to be moved it turned into a logistical endeavour. During the summer the plant was outside in the garden without any care, but in the winter it had to get inside. And this became a big problem. It did not fit anymore in the small studio apartment, into which Arni had moved in after the divorce. Unfortunately it also did not fit into the common areas of the block of flats, where Arni had his flat. With heavy heart Arni started to look for a new home for the plant at the end of the summer. It was more difficult than anticipated. Nobody wanted the largely grown stinging plant, which can live for 100 years. Arne asked everywhere, even at the botanic and zoological garden, he placed advertisements, but nobody answered. He was desperate. Until one day he passed the building, where he had married 55 years ago. The building was under renovation and was to be reopened in a few weeks. Arne asked there and to his surprise they agreed to having the plant. Two weeks later he moved his agave for the last time. He was glad having found a new home for the agave but at the same time he was a bit queasy. This plant had accompanied him for 55 years, most of his adult life. A last view, a last view and the hope that they would take good care of it. However the love, which it had received from him, it probably would not get anymore.

Bildquelle: Erich Westendarp  / pixelio.de

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