The judge – a story I was told last week

After she left school Jana studied law. Somehow she became a judge. A divorce in the morning, then an inheritance dispute, after lunch a quarrel between neighbours and to close the day another divorce.

She lived with her friend, Karl, in his large house, liked going to the cinema and the theatre, read a lot and like walking through the neighbouring wood as it got dark. They had no children. It was a good relationship, one got used to the faults and with time became tolerant towards the weaknesses of the other. 20 years passed in a flash. Read More »


AgaveAfter her studies as a teacher, Kim started her first job as a maths teacher in the international school. This had been 56 years ago. One year later she married Arni. As a wedding present, one of her students gave her a seedling of a tiny agave, which she had brought from a journey to Portugal. Kim’s interest in plants was very limited but she was nevertheless happy about the present. Read More »

Shanghai – Oriental Pearl TV Tower and one child policy

Exactly on the last day of my stay in Shanghai the “space capsule“ on the highest floor of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower reopened after 3 million renovation works. It’s true that the entry ticket is quite expensive. But what are 220 Yuan (around 35 US Dollars) compared to the panoramic view from the three observatory decks at 339 meters! That would have been true if there were no pollution. The view outside was disappointing because the poor air quality impaired the visibility. So I could not take a picture!!Read More »

Marriage proposal on the Philippines

Institutions, traditions, one’s own purpose are questioned. We are looking for our identity, our purpose in life, the sense, the justification of our existence. Consistency and stability have become a rare commodity. In a changing world we are looking for a foothold. For many this is the family. The close-knit group of people, who are genetically connected with each other.Read More »