Michaela Merz


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DSCN2261I came home and it looked as if someone had broken in. The floor was covered with my clothes. Many of my best pieces were lying on the floor, in-between my shoes, in particular those with heels. I was not shocked. I expected a harmless explanation. And then already my youngest one was standing in front of me with a sweet but also guilty facial expression and asked me how my day had been. I thought that this boy has diplomatic talent and forgave him without asking about the chaos on the floor. My little one had spent Wednesday afternoon trying on my clothes with his best friend. Already years ago my today grown-up daughters had thought this a perfect activity. Apparently, trying on someone else’s clothes and thus taking on other identities is part of human beings. How else can all those carnivals, Halloween, fancy dress parties, St. Nicholas Day parades and similar be explained.

Clothes are extremely important and in no time change us into someone else. Only naked we are all the same.

When my little one went to a Montessori crèche at the age of three, they offered ballet classes on a voluntary basis. My youngest one found this great and wanted to participate. His enthusiasm for ballet was endless and infectious. We sent him to these classes. He was the only boy between 9 other small girls. The biggest problem however came up when it was about the clothing. The teacher wanted him to wear a black T-shirt and leggings. My youngest one found this unfair. Why should all girls be allowed to wear pink dresses with a hint of a cloud and he only black? He was not satisfied and also wanted a tutu. As his mother I understood his need and thus one Saturday we went shopping for a pink ballet dress. In the shop our wish was met by an understanding laugh, finally business is business, and in the end my youngest one could take home the much desired piece of clothing. Then there were nine little girls and one little boy all in pink tutus in this ballet class. But my boy was not satisfied because he repeatedly told that the girls are doing something different than he was doing and he found it unfair. After one year he gave up ballet classes and found that with regards to clothing there is more equality in hockey.


Clothes are simply important.

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