Michaela Merz

Malaysia – what should you know prior the introduction of GST in 2015

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I am more than happy to share with you some very good documentations showing the most important points you should be knowing about the introduction of GST in 2015:

PwC GettingStartedOnGST – Malaysia

Practical GST Solutions for growing businesses

Malaysian Tax and Business Booklet 2014-2015

For further information please contact:

Tony Chua, Senior Executive Director
E-mail: tony.chua@my.pwc.com
Tel.: 04 – 238 9118

Nur Diyana Binti Ahmad Fauzi, Senior Consultant
Email: nur.diyana.ahmad.fauzi@my.pwc.com
Tel.: 04 – 238 9230

Khor Ee Lin, Senior Consultant
Email: ee.lin.khor@my.pwc.com
Tel.: 04 – 238 9234

Kao Pei Ting, Managing Consultant
Email: pei.ting.kao@my.pwc.com
Tel.: 04 – 238 9233

Kang Gaik Hong, Senior Consultant
Email: gaik.hong.kang@my.pwc.com
Tel.: 04 – 238 9225

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