il postino – ordering ice cream

We discovered an Italian restaurant. At il postino everything is as it should be. The prices are moderate, the service is fast and friendly and if one wants one can watch the fire in the pizza oven on a monitor, to where it is transferred via a camera installed at the pizza oven. At the end we wanted to order a dessert. My youngest one ordered one scoop of mango ice cream, my daughter a cappuccino and I one scoop of mocha and one of coco ice cream. The young man who took our order had not served us before. Perhaps he was a specialist for desserts. He was back within two minutes. He apologised and asked again what we wanted for dessert. We were happy to repeat it for him. Then nothing happened for 10 minutes and suddenly he was back again with empty hands.

“I am very sorry but we run out of coco ice cream”, he said and he looked uncomfortable. “Would you like to order something else instead of coco?” he continued.

I shortly considered but then decided to leave the order with just one scoop of mocha ice cream.

After relatively short time my son got his scoop of mango ice cream, my daughter her cappuccino and a bowl with a snow-white scoop was put in front of me.

I looked at the ice cream. If it had been chocolate ice cream I could have explained the colour because I aware of white chocolate but how such colour was achieved with mocha was not clear to me.

“What sort of ice cream is this?” I asked him astonished.

His smile went over his entire face. „But that is the scoop of coco ice cream you had ordered”, he said and went away without waiting for my answer.

It was indeed coco ice cream which allegedly they did not have any more and it tasted delicious. Eating too much is not good anyway and one scoop is sufficient. BASTA!!

I can recommend il postino. Not only did we eat well but we also had a good laugh.

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