Michaela Merz

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‎A day in Zurich for 5 francs









I have read that in Cambodia in 2011 92% of population had to live on less than 5 francs per day (www.qaundl.com). I told this to my little one (soon 9 years old) and together we thought how this is doable at all. Of course, one cannot compare Switzerland with Cambodia in this respect but poverty is everywhere. Continue reading

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il postino – ordering ice cream

We discovered an Italian restaurant. At il postino everything is as it should be. The prices are moderate, the service is fast and friendly and if one wants one can watch the fire in the pizza oven on a monitor, to where it is transferred via a camera installed at the pizza oven. At the end we wanted to order a dessert. My youngest one ordered one scoop of mango ice cream, my daughter a cappuccino and I one scoop of mocha and one of coco ice cream. The young man who took our order had not served us before. Continue reading

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My youngest child is five. The spring holidays we spent in Ticino. Just marvellous. Apart from the fact that in German-speaking Switzerland the sun was shining all week long and brought the first tropic day with temperatures of 30°C. In Ticino it was raining like mad!! Continue reading