Michaela Merz

Wishes coming true

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Someday many years ago, when my life did not go all that well and I thought that I have to re-order it, I discussed this with my friend Iva. She told me that one has to wish for something very strong and to formulate the wishes well and then they will become true. To make sure that nothing goes wrong she lent me an esoteric book. Today I don’t remember what the title of the book was – but the book described how to make wishes properly and how they can become true. I read the first five pages and there it was written that one should formulate short clear wishes. I did it like that and formed three clear short wishes. The book ended on the staple of books on my bedside table, which are waiting to be read.

The amazing thing was that all three wishes became true within short time but I did not really enjoy them. The reason for this was the way how they became true. It was as if one had wished not having to sit an exam and exactly the day before the exam one is buried by an avalanche. The wish became true but being buried by an avalanche is definitely an event one would have wanted to miss. Similar it went with my three wishes. I thought that the reason might be that I had not finished reading the book but had only read until page five. But things came across and I simply did not manage to take up the book again. One day my friend Iva was at my place and wanted to have the book back. I returned it to her and thus never got to know what had gone wrong with my wishes.

One lesson I learned was that one has to be very careful with the things one wishes for. And I became really cautious. For a long, very long time. Until the beginning of this year, when on the occasion of my big birthday I started to think what I need for the next years. And then it came to my mind that in the course of the years I had accumulated several kilos, which I did not have at my 20th birthday. High time to use this occasion to get rid of those kilos. And then I wished to lose 3 to 5 kilos this year. It seems harmless – one turns down a glass of wine here and there and instead of dinner goes for a walk once a week. Losing 250 to 450 grams per month should not be a big deal. My wish and the aim were clearly formulated. Two weeks later I went down with stomach flu. And what a stomach flu!! Not only that just thinking of food made my stomach turn but also drinking became an ordeal and I had to force myself to drink. The stomach ache was unbearable, as if a wave comes and gets bigger and bigger. It strongly reminded me of labour pains. Just that with labour pains one has a goal ahead and these pains seemed endless and moreover they successfully resisted to all painkillers. After five days I was a shadow of myself. I did not even have the power to get up the stairs to make some tea. My arms and legs felt strange, as they were will-less and incredibly weak. After ten days I had reached my annual target. I had lost 4.5 kilos. Trousers from high school times fitted again and with my normal trousers I had to use a belt. My stomach continued to rebel and the body was weak and without power. I myself without any energy and a significant improvement was not in sight for a while.

As I said, one has to be careful with what one wishes for. Because every now and then it is pretty bad if wishes come true.

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