Natural selection

Katja goes jogging with her friend Nadja every week. Not far and not for long. It is a leisurely run so that the two can talk while running.

Katja currently has two admirers. Michl and Mathys. Katja likes both and both guys try as best as they can to win Katja for themselves. Mathys likes to take photos and is good at it. By now Katja has taken numerous own portraits of Mathys. Michl is more a man of words and he gave sent wonderful letters to Katja. Honestly, Katja likes Michl better but she is not quite sure about it.

It’s Tuesday again. Mathys is paying a call on Katja and brought her the newest photos. Katja realises that it is almost a quarter to six. Like on every Tuesday she goes running with Nadja at six o’clock. She leaves Mathys alone and is about to change clothes. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Michl is standing in front of the door. Unexpectedly and with an apologetic smile and a small yellow flower in his hand.

Katja excuses herself, leads Michl to Mathys and disappears into the bathroom. The guys look at each other, hostile and silent.

Katja returns and says that unfortunately she has to leave. She is sorry but she is scheduled to go running.

Michl says that he will also come along, if it is not inconvenient. Mathys hastens to say that he will come as well. Katja looks at them puzzled. Both are in jeans and not exactly dressed to go jogging.

Katja takes them both with her. Katja and Nadja run next to each other and talk about school. Both guys silently run behind them. After one hour the girls return home. Katja turns around, for the first time since they started running. Behind her is Michl. Alone and not even really sweaty.

Where is Mathys?, Katja asks and Michl just shrugs his shoulders. Since that day Mathys has not come again and Michl and Katja have become a couple. Quasi by natural selection.

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