Inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendinitis)

Living healthy is impossible. It took a long time until I understood. But sometime it became clear to me that life is not doable without damaging one’s own body. Once can resign from sugar, white flour, alcohol, coffee, maybe even meat. But soon one notices that the 5 portions of fruits per day, as recommended by the cancer foundation, make the dental enamel melt because of the aggressive acid and remedies are difficult.Read More »

Canoeing and ice skating in November

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA day without moving is a lost day. On those few exceptional days, when I cannot move, I am suffering and usually also the ones around me. Because on those days I am moody, unbearable and simply terrible. It just like with an addiction. If the body does not get its daily ration, chemical processes begin to run, which make me unbearable as a person.Read More »

Natural selection

Katja goes jogging with her friend Nadja every week. Not far and not for long. It is a leisurely run so that the two can talk while running.

Katja currently has two admirers. Michl and Mathys. Katja likes both and both guys try as best as they can to win Katja for themselves. Mathys likes to take photos and is good at it. By now Katja has taken numerous own portraits of Mathys. Michl is more a man of words and he gave sent wonderful letters to Katja. Honestly, Katja likes Michl better but she is not quite sure about it.Read More »