Michaela Merz


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In the morning I had breakfast with Richard. The day before he was still employed and as of this day he is retired. The first day after a filled business life must feel funny. One does not receive emails, the phone only rings every now and then and the stress is gone. What shall one do all of a sudden?

When I asked Richard he told me that for lunch he has an appointment with friends, in the evening he goes to the Scala to see an opera (which is in Milano, by the way) and then he plans to go to a concert in the UK, and he goes to St. Petersburg for four days, plays with a band and he was asked to teach 80% and and and …

Void and boredom looks different.

One week ago I went by train to Rapperswil. From Zurich main station about one hour. Across the corridor were two guys in their early twenties with a can of aromatic beer. The thing with the aromatic beer was the finding of the day. I had not known so far that there is beer tasting of herbs. About half an hour the guys analysed the beer. For the second half of the hour the subject was retirement. It seemed that they were already thinking through their early retirement; they had considered the financial consequences of this step and were absolutely clear about what would happen in about 40 years. However, what they would do for the rest of the day, they did not really know.

The day after that one of my long-term clients asked me whether I had already thought about when I would retire. No, I have not. As long as I have fun doing what I do, I do not see any reason for thinking about it.

Caution, vision, planning, yes, but guys, don’t you exaggerate a bit???

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