How to damage luggage in New York

The last day of my travel to NY at the Hilton. I am packing my things into my large red suitcase, check-out and walk to the concierge in order to give him my suitcase for storage. In NY nothing is for free, so one even has to pay for six hours of storing a suitcase. My flight is only in the evening and in the morning I have another business meeting.

It’s 3pm when I return to pick-up my suitcase. With difficulties the man gives me my red suitcase and the handle separately. In the morning I had given them my suitcase in one piece and now I get back two pieces. This suitcase cannot be used for travelling anymore. My suitcase has 25kg, so it’s pretty much impossible to just carry it around without a handle.

I ask the guy what this is all about. He answers that he already received two pieces. I contest this, since if it had been that way, I wouldn’t have managed to get the suitcase from my room down to the lobby. Then frenzied activity breaks out. The concierge is called, the head of the security service and the head of the storage service.

They offer me another older suitcase. As a short-term solution fine but the suitcase is smaller than mine, considerably harder to pull and does not have any keys anymore. Only just I manage to repack my things with the help of the security personnel and request that they repair my suitcase. It should just be an exchange of screws.

The gentlemen really try hard, take my broken suitcase away and return half an hour later with the news that those screws are not available in the US. Great!!

Then (finally) someone makes the suggestion that I buy now in NY a new suitcase. For sure a good option but I would only have 20 minutes in order to find a suitcase and to repack everything. Definitely not enough time.

Eventually the head of the security service arrives and we agree that I will travel with the stupid little suitcase and buy a new, convenient suitcase at home. The hotel then would pay the invoice.

I’m curious about the end of this story, which still has to be written.

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