I love theatre, concerts and operas. Every time it is a sensual experience, something very special. One is abducted to another world. To a world of fantasy, fascination, endlessness. The daily routine with all its bigger and smaller worries stays behind.

As a student I spent half my budget on theatre and concerts during the winter months. I bought tickets for the cheapest seats, on the top, far away from the stage, a column obstructed my view and often I had only limited view. Cheap tickets do have their disadvantages. All this did not disturb me. It was important to be there and to experience it. The really good performances I saw several times. In those cases it does not matter that sometimes one can only saw part of the stage.

During the winter months I attend these events once a week. The experiences – and that’s amazing – then are even more intense and wrap me like cotton wool carrying me like a sun through the foggy winter months.

One of the really fascinating events was my first concert by Cameron Carpenter in Zurich. Cameron is an exceptionally gifted organ player. He is young and extremly talented. If you see him you rather take him for a pop singer than a classical musician. Shiny jackets, several changes of clothes during the concert, colourful shoes.

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When I am sitting in the concert hall and listen to the music, I don’t have to see the stage. With Cameron it’s different. The guy is sitting in the middle of the stage, his back to the audience and allows the audience to see his acrobatic feats at the organ. And what he performs is leg and hand acrobatics, which I haven’t ever seen before.

I was very much looking forward to it. So I take my seat. The row in front of me is still almost empty, until a couple arrives. Both are small and rather slim. However the hairdo that the woman created on top of her head is incredible. She backcombed her hair to all directions and thus created a thicket of hair, which must have looked amazing from the front (however I did not see it the entire evening). For everyone sitting behind her, it obstructed the entire view to the stage. I moved more to the left, then to the right, even tried to sit higher. But nothing helped. I really saw NOTHING.

What can one do in such a situation? Many ideas crossed my mind… Finally, for the first half of the performance I just stayed seated behind the woman and absorbed the music. After the break my friend who was with me had pity with me and we changed places, so that I could see Cameron’s magic. The show was fully sold out and not a single place was left, so there was no other option.

I have no idea what can be done from a legal point of view against such ladies. I don’t even know if I am entitled to an unobstructed view to the stage in a concert hall. The concert was beautiful, wonderful. However the conclusion is obvious for me:

Guys, don’t just think of yourself! More tolerance! And more caution with hairdos when going to the theatre or concert!

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