Life in times of Corona XII

Somehow, I thought just 14 days ago that Switzerland is an island of bliss. I looked at the statistics of new cases worldwide and was proud of how clever we do it in Switzerland. I was annoyed that I could not visit my mother because of the quarantine regulations (I am still annoyed and think that I made the wrong decision not to go!).

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When man is scared to join the elevator

I went into a skyscraper and wanted to call the lift, next to me was a guy. My hands were full. Bag, briefcase, car key, papers and phone. No wonder that my documents fell to the ground. He helped me pick them up, I barely would have been able to do so otherwise, without placing all my stuff onto the ground. I was extremely thankful and told him so several times.

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Nice one year on

728973_web_r_by_florentine_pixelio-deI have been fascinated by the history of Egypt since I was a child. Years ago I had booked a trip to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings with my then two young daughters. A month before we were due to leave many tourists in a travel group from Switzerland were shot in a targeted terrorist attack near the Hatschepsut Temple.Read More »


715376_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deIn Cora’s chest two beat two hearts. A lion heart which made her take to arguments, where it was basically clear from the start that she must loose. Cora was five years old and for her age incredibly small and slender. In pre-school class she was the smallest one. Read More »

Limits of freedom

My son has an incomprehensible panic-fuelled fear of dogs. Rationality does not help much there. We went to visits my mother’s sister for a few days, who has three lovely small dogs. The beginning was difficult but after two days the dogs and my son were best friends. His panic-fuelled fear towards unknown dogs had changed into friendly respect. I was very glad.

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