Australia – GST on Low Value Goods – Commencing from 1 July 2018

You are no doubt aware that in just ​a couple of days (1 July 2018) the new Australian low value goods import laws are coming into force.

Who is Affected?

​​Any business that meets the AUD $75,000 registration threshold and ​sells low value goods​ (under $1000)​ into Australia to ​​consumers will be affected.
More information is available HERE.

Action Required

​​If this applies to you​​, you will need to ensure that by 1 July 2018 you are registered for Australian GST and obtain either an Australian Taxation Office reference number (ARN) or an Australian business number (ABN). This is mandatory in order to comply with the customer notification requirements that are required to be issued upon all sales to Australian consumers to ensure there is no double taxation.

Further Information

The ATO is committed to ensuring compliance with these laws. The enforcement campaign is available HERE.


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