The effect the corona crisis had on Chris

Chris couldn’t sleep anymore. He had difficulties falling asleep at night. He was actually very tired but as he couldn’t get any rest, the sleeping part fell away. Chris never used to go to bed before midnight but lately he was tossing and turning even shortly before three a.m. in the morning, frustrated about not being able to fall asleep. Then he tried it with alcohol. When he drank in the evenings, he got so tired at 11pm that he could fall asleep without an issue. Unfortunately, his sleep didn’t last very long. He would be awake again shortly after, at three a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep anymore.

His rest phase at night got shorter and shorter and his frustration grew larger and larger.

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Was die Corona-Zeit Chris angetan hatte

Chris konnte nicht mehr schlafen. Er hatte Schwierigkeiten am Abend einzuschlafen. Eigentlich war er ganz müde, aber da er keine innere Ruhe finden konnte, ist der Schlaf ausgeblieben. Chris ist nie vor Mitternacht ins Bett gegangen aber in der letzten Zeit wälzte er sich auch noch kurz vor 3 Uhr morgens in der Verzweiflung nicht einschlafen zu können. Dann versuchte er es mit Alkohol. Wenn er am Abend getrunken hatte, war er um 11 Uhr so müde, dass er ohne weiteres einschlafen konnte.

Leider hat sein Schlaf aber nicht lange angedauert. Kurz nach 3 Uhr war er wieder wach und konnte nicht mehr einschlafen. Seine Erholungsphasen in der Nacht wurden immer kürzer und seine Verzweiflung immer grösser.

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Alma and the law which does not tolerate any exceptions

592855_web_R_by_birgitH_pixelio.deAlma had achieved a lot of which others can only dream of. A career in a medium sized company up to the management and this as the only woman. An intact, functioning family with a diligent husband in a similar job position as she had. An unproblematic child, which brought home good marks, behaved itself and hardly ever gave reason to be angry.Read More »

Czech Republic – Successful Fight Against VAT Fraud in 2014

Photo_RGB_PC_48238.jpgPeople walking near parked cars on a street - PwCA specialised team, the “Tax Cobra” was officially established in June 2014 under the joint effort of the Czech General Tax Directorate, General Customs Directorate and the Police Unit for Detection of Fraud and Financial Criminality to fight against VAT fraud in the Czech Republic.Read More »