Fairy tale

Not all nations have fairy tales that end well. But in my mother tongue all fairy tales end well. You are practically the reliable supplier of the good news.

You know, for example, that the stupid Jan turns out to be the wisdom in person towards the end of the story, after he solves all the difficult tasks to free the enchanted princess. In return he gets the princess and the kingdom.

The wolf may have eaten Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother, but the cunning woodsman rescues the girl, as well as the grandmother in one piece quick alive from his belly and everyone goes home for dinner. The evil dragons are killed, the good dragons are integrated into communities and used, for example, to heat the oven. The hell is not that bad and the devil turns out to be a cute love-worthy creature who is hired as an apprentice in the blacksmith’s shop.

I’m glad about these lovely stories, which convey the hope that in the end all will be well. We know that in real life it is unfortunately not always so. In this sense, with Covid now is the right time to recall the hope through all these love-worthy stories.

But the question that later on concerned me with age was: “What happens in all these stories? After the last word has been read?” For example Cinderella – Fabulous now she has her prince she hardly knows, her wicked stepmother and stepsister is gone but also the familiar surroundings and the people who liked her. What if the prince turns out to be a lazy good-for-nothing, an egomaniac who is only interested in having a nice conversation and doesn’t care about the rest of the world. What if the prince falls for alcohol or drugs and torments Cinderella with his whims. But it could also be the other way around. Maybe Cinderella will develop as a bossy and extravagant queen, who compensates the misery and humiliation of her youth with waste and luxury. But then there would be no more fairy tales. At least not the way I like them – reliable and with a good end.

But maybe when I have time, I will write the sequel to my favorite fairy tales.

Image source: http://unsplash.com

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