Friday was the last day of summer camp. One last evening and tomorrow we will go home. A little joy to go home again and a little melancholy that something good is coming to an end.

But Thomas, the leader of the camp, wanted to come up with something special for the last evening. When it was time for dinner and all the people slowly arrived at the food station, Thomas was already waiting for them. Thomas announced that tonight’s dinner would not be on the mainland but in the middle of the lake. The one who is hungry should take his bowl and swim away. In the middle of the lake, on a boat, the kitchen team is waiting to serve the desired portions.  Thomas’ suggestion did not really meet with much approval. Certain girls already put on make-up for the evening and the idea that they should put on a bathing suit, swim somewhere far away, return with the food, then change again and make themselves beautiful was not really appreciated by many.

But the social pressure was high. The boys immediately left for their tents to measure themselves in who would be first at the boat. And of course, the girls didn’t want to stand aside and look chic. It didn’t really take long and almost the whole troop ran to the water. To swim in the warm water on a warm August evening is not difficult. With a vessel that was supposed to stay dry, it’s already a different story.

It was no surprise then that Tom was the first to arrive at the boat long before anyone else. He grabbed his dinner and swam back to shore with the bowl on his head that he had held with one hand. What he did with ease was impossible for many in the troupe. A few turned around without ever reaching the boat with the food. The majority made it to the boat. Some bowls got wet, but that made no difference to the goulash with dumplings that was served today.

However, it turned out that swimming with an empty bowl is perhaps demanding, but swimming with a full one is almost impossible for many. The lake water mixed with the dinner and some gave up and dumped the whole content into the water. But even those who made it to the shore rarely had any real reason to be happy, because the mixture in the bowls looked anything but appetizing. Very often mixed with water plants or just water.

But the hunger is really big. Afterwards almost everything was eaten.

The last night at the fire was simply wonderful and the participants still talk about the last dinner.

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