You won’t get to Ascona with prejudices

I’m on my way to Ticino. I can’t wait to be there. When travelling through the alps, I feel like I’m in a different world. The spirit is relaxed and you feel like you are breathing in a completely different air. To put it short, I am very excited. I travel by train, after all, it’s the quickest way.

Whether it is the securest way during Corona I cannot say, however, my first train is pretty much empty. Maybe it is because it is very early on a Saturday morning and everyone is probably still at home and asleep. I open my computer and start to read the articles that I have put aside to read along the way. The only annoying thing is that I have to change trains several times. As it happens to be the case, there is only one means of transportation that goes directly from my place to Ascona and that is the car. But I don’t want to take it. And so, I have to live with the two train changes.

Time flies and we arrive in Bellinzona. The first stop where I need to change. Now I take the train to Locarno and after that another bus to Ascona. Then I have to walk on foot for a couple of minutes and then I’m there. The whole journey takes less than three hours. I have got quite a lot of stuff with me. A paddle in a case, a bag with a stand-up paddle board and a pump, a swim vest, a backpack with clothes and the computer and another small bag with valuables. Just way too much stuff. Changing trains with all this stuff is cumbersome but works fantastically. I sit in the train and decide to spend the next half an hour reading. Lost in the article on my PC I don’t even realise what is going on left and right of me. Why should I. I’m being directed towards the final stop and surely, I will notice it.  I notice a certain level of unrest around me but don’t pay any attention to it, after all the article is so interesting that it completely captivates me.

Suddenly everything is standing still. For the corona time a man comes threateningly close to me and talks to me in a very loud voice. I notice, that he is wearing civilian clothes (so no ticket control) and consider whether I should ignore him. I feel like finishing my article and am not in the mood for any type of conversation at the moment. However, that would be very impolite. I look at him but don’t understand a word. The language that he started speaking in I haven’t learnt.

Only now I notice that the carriage is pretty empty and that apart from myself no one else is here. That seems odd this carriage had been pretty packed at the beginning but it doesn’t really concern me. He notices that I don’t understand him and changes the language.

‘’Dear Madam’’, he says in quite a loud voice. ‘’ You haven’t noticed but the train has already been standing here for ten minutes and in twenty minutes it will depart back into the direction of Bellinzona. If you are wanting to go to Locarno, you would need to continue your journey via the replacement bus.’

God I’m stupid I think, of course I thank him and apologize silently. I thought that he was intrusive however, he only wanted to help!! You have to be careful with prejudices. I pack my laptop, all my stuff, check, that I haven’t left anything behind and sprint as quickly as I can with all my luggage to the bus. Thank god, there is still one there. So, I can continue my journey. The rest goes as planned and I arrive well and it was worth it. Worth it, because the holiday feeling spread as soon as I arrived in Ascona, even though I only stayed for one night.

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