You won’t get to Ascona with prejudices

I’m on my way to Ticino. I can’t wait to be there. When travelling through the alps, I feel like I’m in a different world. The spirit is relaxed and you feel like you are breathing in a completely different air. To put it short, I am very excited. I travel by train, after all, it’s the quickest way.

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En route with the Deutsche Bahn

I’m not familiar with Germany. I’m even less familiar with the Deutsche Bahn. I was en route with my youngest (10 years old) from Hamburg Airport to Föhr. That meant changing 4 times before reaching our destination. Everything had worked like clockwork, all the connections were on-time, compared with the service the price is in order. Nonetheless I am considering never travelling with the DB again, if I’m travelling with luggage.Read More »

Delayed train

As a student I earned my money as a travel guide. I welcomed a group of foreign tourists, took care that accommodation, meals and the other programme went according to plan. Prior to the arrival of the group I checked again all the details and was responsible for their well-being and satisfaction. Read More »

An October Monday in Prague

Prague is a very vivid and pulsating city. There is a lot to see and, provided that one does not behave like a sterile tourist, there is also a lot to experience.

With my youngest one we went to visit the grandmother in Prague. After an exciting day with rambling, living sculptures, street musicians we just wanted to go home to stretch our legs. We went to the subway. The platform was full; we were in the afternoon rush-hour. The train arrives and the waiting mass moves in direction of the door. Read More »

A day in Milano

I did not want to go by train because I cannot work in the train. The flight to Milano is short, the airport clean and clearly laid out. However I am not willing to pay EUR 90 for a taxi drive to the city, the train ticket Zurich-Milano costs less. So I take the train. It is difficult to buy a ticket because of the 4 ticket machines, two don’t work. The queues are accordingly long and I miss my connection.Read More »

Traffic fines

I was in a hurry. I was late. I hate coming late. I went by car to Winterthur and it was obvious that only a miracle could save me from coming late.

When it comes to speed, I stick to the rules. As always. Internally I am incredibly nervous. Read More »