Webinar – Managing VAT Compliance in the Middle East 15 April

Developing and enhancing your tax strategy requires experience and foresight in order to make the best decisions that can strategically move your business forward while ensuring the process to maintain tax compliance is ‘managed’. To help you better manage existing VAT compliance concerns and navigate new challenges, we are sharing our knowledge and best practice managing VAT compliance in today’s digital age.

Managing VAT compliance and providing automation efficiencies are essential and intertwined goals for all businesses especially in today’s challenging environment with remote working and the demands from both the maturing new VAT regimes, as well as those planning for further GCC VAT implementation.

Join our upcoming webinar where we will be discussing key VAT Middle East compliance issues and considerations impacting businesses across a multitude of sectors and industries as well as bringing together a team of experienced specialists to advise on managing the compliance life cycle, VAT refunds, cash flow and risk management. We will also look at the current automation opportunities available to businesses in order to facilitate better controls and processes for managing VAT compliance.


  • VAT Compliance in the Middle East – an overview
  • COVID-19 Measures impacting Middle East Tax Compliance
  • The VAT Compliance Life-Cycle
    • Current challenges & common risk areas
    • VAT Refunds
    • VAT cash flow management & opportunities
  • VAT Compliance Management Solutions
    • Insource, co-source & outsource
  • Digital Tools and Technology
    • Use cases and Data Management examples
  • Conclusion & Q/A

Topic: Managing VAT Compliance in the Middle East
Date: Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Time: 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm CEST


During the webinar we will be sharing common VAT compliance issues identified by our clients from across the region. If you would like to assess your own current “VAT Compliance” status please click on this link and complete the VAT e-Fitness assessment. This short 3 minute questionnaire will help you quickly and effectively identify potential areas of VAT non-compliance and ways to manage the issues and exposures that your business may have. The questionnaire will automatically calculate your potential level of risk exposure and share the results in a simple graphic.

For the purposes of our webcast, your responses will be collated together with previous client results and shared anonymously during our session.

In case of any questions please contact Omara Islam, omara.i.islam@pwc.com.

Image source:http://unsplash.com

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