Will can do everything or almost everything. Or rather I have only a few times experienced that he said he couldn’t do something and would have to fetch a specialist. Will is not yet 30 years old but it seems to me as though he has the innate experience of all his relatives. Will trained as a carpenter, but he can equally well perform plumbing or electrical work, he repairs cars, he can upholster a chair, assemble Ikea furniture in an instant, paint walls, remove mould, sew clothes, cook, bake, change nappies. As I said, Will is really an unrecognised Leonardo da Vinci, who can do everything. He is also very pleasant, modest, honest and very helpful. Pity that there are not more such Wills in this world. I can remember, when he was not yet 18 years old, he came to visit us for a few days and stayed in the guestroom. We had a new modern wooden staircase, which joined the two storeys, but which, when one stood on certain steps, made funny noises. When I came home after 2 days and went upstairs, the staircase was suddenly quiet and noiseless. At dinner Will told me that he had looked at the staircase, because a screw was getting loose, tightened a screw there and hey presto the noise was gone. A young man, who sees work and has golden hands. Recently he came to see me again and we were talking together. Suddenly, he looked at my old wall clock, which I had inherited from my grandfather and asked me why it wasn’t working. I said in all honesty that I didn’t know. He looked at the clock and offered to look at it. I was sceptical, even very sceptical. I trust Will almost entirely in matters requiring craftmanship, but not with the repair of an antique wall clock. I overcame my scepticism, swallowed my doubts and said with a laugh: “Try to bring the clock to life again”. What Will did, was simply astounding. He took the clock to pieces. After removing every single piece he took a photo. Then he cleaned all the parts thoroughly and reassembled them according to his pictures. The whole process took about 2 hours. As soon as he put in the last part and set the pendulum in motion, the clock, which had for years hung silent on the wall, started. Really, there is almost nothing that Will can’t do. I was extremely grateful, but more than that, I was full of respect for such ability, shrewdness and skill. I am lucky, I know the Will, who comes when he’s needed. If you should need him some time, please let me know, I’ll be pleased to give you his telephone number.

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