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Romania – VAT split payment postponed till 2019

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The Romanian senators from the budget finance committee discussed and proposed some amendments related to the VAT split payment system.

On 10 October 2017 the senators decided to return the proposed amendments to the budget finance committee for a week to clarify the effective impact of this measure on the Romanian State Budget (in case the system will be applied only to a limited number of companies and not in a generalized form). The VAT split system should be mandatory starting with 2018 only for state owned companies, as well as for companies, which concluded agreements with the state. For other companies the system would be optional as of 2018 and mandatory only as of 2019, if it proves to be functional.


Bildquelle: Alexandra Bucurescu  / pixelio.de

One thought on “Romania – VAT split payment postponed till 2019

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