The drawbacks of buying by internet

I need a ticket from Nürnberg to Zürich. I can either take the bus and chug through the countryside for 8 hours – which would be the cheapest – or for 70 Euros I can fly but then I would have to take a flight at 7.00am. On Easter Monday not really an idea to get enthusiastic about. If I fly later, the price rises significantly. Or I can travel by train. That takes 5 hours without changing and is as expensive as flying.

Good, I decide to take the train leaving at midday and try to book with the mobile phone. The price is shown as 4.50 Euros. That would be super cheap. I book, but receive only a confirmation of the reservation. I try again but it still doesn’t work. I call the Deutsche Bahn and a friendly lady explains how to proceed. I did what she said but it still didn’t work. Unfortunately she can’t help me further.

I start my PC and again try to book and, lo and behold, what didn’t work on the phone, works on the PC perfectly. The ticket costs 64 Euros.

The whole procedure took almost an hour. Booking by phone still has its drawbacks.


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