Norway – The new VAT return (mva-meldingen) is replacing the current form (omsetningsoppgave for merverdiavgift) as per 1.1. 2017

288396_web_r_k_b_by_stephanie-hofschlaeger_pixelio-deAccounting system, accounts, VAT codes and customs clearance systems must be updated and make compatible with the new VAT return. This is necessary in order to extract figures specified according to the 19 items in the VAT return. Upgrade of the ERP is unavoidable.

The deadlines for submission and payment will remain unchanged.

Import VAT (purchases from abroad)

Currently the VAT is included in the customs declaration and paid upon importation into Norway. As from 1 of January 2017 the import VAT on goods will have to be reported in the VAT return instead of in the customs declaration. The taxpayers will be obliged to calculate the basis for the tax and the tax itself based on information in the customs declaration. There will be no invoices anymore issued by the Customs authorities.

It remains unchanged that all goods must still be declared to Norwegian Customs, and customs and excise duty must be paid upon declaration as at present and for these not registered for VAT, and private individuals, the VAT will still be included in the customs declaration and paid upon import as today.

For the new forms please see following links

For further details please contact

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