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Poland: Revolutionary future as of 1 of January 2019 – VAT return no needed anymore

The new structure of the JPK_VDEK (SAF-T) uniform control file will replace the current JPK_VAT from 1 January 2019. It was only from the middle of next year (1 July 2019), however it could be used instead of tax declarations as stated by the head of the National Revenue Administration (NRA). Continue reading

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Norway – The new VAT return (mva-meldingen) is replacing the current form (omsetningsoppgave for merverdiavgift) as per 1.1. 2017

288396_web_r_k_b_by_stephanie-hofschlaeger_pixelio-deAccounting system, accounts, VAT codes and customs clearance systems must be updated and make compatible with the new VAT return. This is necessary in order to extract figures specified according to the 19 items in the VAT return. Upgrade of the ERP is unavoidable.

The deadlines for submission and payment will remain unchanged. Continue reading

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Spain – New deferral import regime – application deadline till end of January 2015

PwC_Teetasse_ENThis new regime will allow tax payers who import goods into Spain to defer their VAT payments until they file their VAT return, rather than paying the VAT due at the same time as the customs duties. Additionally, the VAT credit will be accounted for at the same time. Continue reading

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The Netherlands – reverse charge on certain products as from 1 of April 2013 as a measure to avoid the VAT fraud – btw verlegd

Companies selling goods as mobile phones, tablet PC’s, laptops, game consoles or integrated circuit devices (e.g. CPU’s) in the total value of  Euro 10.000 or more  have to apply reverse charge mechanism for  local Dutch supplies as from 1 of April 2013. Reverse charge mechanism means that the purchaser has to account for the VAT due on the transaction in his own VAT return. Continue reading

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Germany – electronic filing of VAT returns needs as of January 1, 2013 authentication

As from 1 January 2013 electronic filing of VAT returns will only be possible with an authentication in Germany. Companies submitting VAT returns electronically have to register online at ELSTER (ELektronische STeuerERklärung) http://www.elsteronline.de/eportal  to obtain the necessary electronic certificate before year end. Continue reading

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Luxembourg – electronic VAT filing obligatory as from 2013

The Tax Authority announced that as from 2013 VAT returns and EC Sales Lists for supply of goods and services will have to be filed electronically.

Of interest is also the fact that the applications for recovery of local VAT paid by non resident companies might be filed electronically as well.

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Belgium – changes as of 1 of October 2012 in connection with ET 14000 licence

Section 5, §3 of Belgian Royal Decree no. 7 provides the opportunity that the payment of VAT due on importation of goods can be shifted to the periodic VAT return. Instead of payment of the VAT to the Customs Authorities only declaration is done. Continue reading