Digitalization of the Tax Environment

digitalizationIt is not a surprise that the whole world is getting more and more digital, but it is important to acknowledge that so are also the tax authorities in   requirements they now set forth towards taxpayers.

OECD’s model of SAF-T files (followed by Polish JPK or Lithuanian i.SAF), French FEC, Lux FAIA and many other forms of more or less standardized types of electronic files are currently being required all over Europe. In the other corner, a huge amount of businesses struggle to make their ERP capture all transactions in a VAT compliant manner.

Feeling lost and overwhelmed with all the mixture of IT and tax regulations? Wondering if it is possible to comply and how the others are managing it? Interested to see a demo of a VAT-friendly IT tool?

Join us on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 for our next International VAT Breakfast focused on digitalization of the tax environment to try to find answers to these challenges.

We look forward to welcoming you at PwC Geneva. Please find HERE some further information as well as the registration form for this event.

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