UBS/PwC new report: Billionaires Insights: Are billionaires feeling the pressure?


– Total billionaire wealth declined by USD 300 billion to USD 5.1 trillion while average billionaire wealth fell from USD 4.0 billion to USD 3.7 billion due to headwinds such as the transfer of assets within families, commodity price deflation and an appreciating US dollar

  • – Europe has the greatest number of multi generational billionaires at 182 (54%), and they have proven to be the most resilient at preserving their fortunes. The US has 175 (33%) multi-generational billionaires and APAC has 76 (15%)
  • – For the first time in 10 years, the average wealth of self-made US billionaires surpassing the average wealth of US billionaires with inherited fortunes (USD 4.5 billion vs USD 4.3 billion).

– Led by China, Asia created one billionaire nearly every three days accounting for over half of new billionaires in 2015


Do you want to know more. Please read for further details HERE.

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