Michaela Merz

Plus Minus Snail

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12512341_1166610720018381_1404471516122007426_nNo, I cannot claim that our pets were really chosen and bought according to plan. Rather it was enthusiasm and spontaneity and the wide children’s eyes, which tempted me to buy a pet again. Nonetheless, within a short time as a family we have become experts, who not only knew a lot about the animal and its habitat, but also have done everything to make them feel at home with us.



Many different creatures have already inhabited our living room – birds, frogs, hamsters, turtles and tortoises and all have felt at home with us.
They have even had offspring. Which meant new problems.

Now, on sight of the tiny fresh water fish, I weakened. So we came home with two fish, which we had named Plus and Minus, and a snail. Of course in the shop we had received a one–hour instruction on how I do it correctly. But, as so often with a spontaneous purchase, it turned out that the aquarium is a bit too small and we will need a larger one. We also have to buy plants, if Plus and Minus are to feel at home with us. Within 48 hours my youngest had collected everything worth knowing from the internet. Our conversation revolves around fish, food, their habitat.

I know that with time that will ease off. As in the past, we will become more professional and perhaps there will even be offspring. But to look after someone is one of the greatest tasks I can imagine.

Welcome Plus, Minus, Snail. We are now planning to look at your normal habitat and to understand how we can make you feel welcome in our home.

Image source: www.pascalcorbat.com

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