We are approaching 100‘000 readers

316772_web_R_K_by_by-sassi_pixelio.deI never quite understood, why you would set yourself a target based on numbers. A turnaround of 10 million or a profit of 2 million. That saying „only the first million is difficult to accomplish“, makes me so angry.


I have never defined any goals based on sheer numbers. If I had to do so, due to others depending on it, I did, but the objectives remained pallid and lifeless. They had no meaning to me and did nothing to enhance my motivation.

The objectives I have always pursued are not measurable in numbers. I wanted the best solution, I wanted to have the happiest customers, I wanted to work together with many critical, creative and clever people and get the best out of them and myself. Most of the times, with this approach, we have automatically reached the demanded numbers and usually achieved to outperform even the most ambitious expectations.

However, that changed, when I started blogging. I am sitting here, detached from my readers, as they come from countries all over the world (with the exception of those countries, that censor my blog, yes, this is happening). Moreover, while I do get some feedback, it is not enough. This is why I statistics are getting important. I know, how many readers read an article, I know when they did read it and I know where my readers come from and how many of them are following my producing.

In 2016, it will be five years since I started writing multiple articles every week. I could be writing daily, if I had the time. It brings me so much joy knowing that you are reading it. There is nothing worse than to write and tuck it away in a (virtual) drawer with no one wanting to read it. Therefore, for the first time in my life I have set myself a target to reach. First, I wanted to reach 30 readers a day. That was very difficult and it took an eternity until I managed to reach it. Once I accomplished that, I aimed for 50, then 100 readers a day. Five years later, I am on the verge of reaching a total of 100‘000 readers (not per day, that would be too good to be true – I will probably never be mentioned in the same breath as popstars or politicians like Trump or Obama). And believe me, it feels great!!

Thank you for reading my work. I would have loved to celebrate with you, but to celebrate virtually seems a bit sterile and platonic, which is not my style at all. I prefer to write you another story, about Hans and how luck found him.

Bildquelle: by-sassi / pixelio.de

5 thoughts on “We are approaching 100‘000 readers

  1. I enjoy very much reading your articles, Michela! Even, when I’m not meeting you, I feel being in contact with you!


  2. Your blogs are entertaining and I like them very much -> weekly thoughts to see things from a different angle! Keep on another five years.


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