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My aunt Oli

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671612_web_R_B_by_angieconscious_pixelio.deMy aunt Oli is not really my aunt. But as long as I can think back, aunt Oli was part of my life. Together with her husband, a watchmaker, she lived in a small studio apartment full of clocks. As I child I loved to visit her because in this small room, where they had to extend the couch every evening in order for the two of them to sleep on it, there was so much to watch that I could never get enough.

Aunt Oli spoke a lot and loud, she laughed and time with her passed quickly. As a child she was for me the epitome of good mood and optimism that tomorrow it would be just as good as today if not better. At the same time aunt Oli is the only person I know who tried to get the driving licence five times but never passed the exam.

Even at the age of almost 90, she still went to aerobic classes. When I asked her why she is doing it, even though coordination is not one of her strong sides, she told me that she does not like hopping around but she really loves going out with the “girls” after the aerobics class.

Since now I live rather far away from her and only rarely can visit her, I call her every now and then. By now she is rather old, widowed and has all ailments which old age brings along. But our calls are usually funny because Oli never complains. She has imbalance and every now and then it happens that she falls and cannot get up again alone. But when she tells me in retrospect, it does not sound like pure horror when she lies on the ground and is waiting for help, but like the funniest event of the month. In original tone, Oli said that she finally had time to think how she could improve her turkey stuffing.

I like aunt Oli very much and should I reach her age, I wish that I have the same sense of humour and can do it with the same positive attitude towards life.


Bildquelle: angieconscious / pixelio.de

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