Michaela Merz

Nathan Sawaya versus Mother Nature

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DSCI0053 With my youngest one, we like doing discovery tours. On this lovely autumn Sunday, we decided to do a tour around Zurich. We took our scooter and let our moods guide us. Even when we passed places which we know already, we were amazed. That autumn Sunday Zurich was bathing in sun and colours. The leaves had changed colour and instead of green there was gold, yellow, orange, red in all shades and facets. We could not get enough of it and looked in the front gardens, parks, streets and yards for the most bizarre creations of Mother Nature.

The leaves lying on the ground animate to build heaps, which we did with enthusiasm. And then we saw a poster for the Lego exhibition in Puls 5 and took an abrupt change of direction and went to the exhibition. Nathan Sawaya built an own world out of Lego stones. The admission is expensive. 27 Francs for an adult, 19 Francs for a child. But what one gets to see is unique and exciting. From a children’s world, the Lego stones, the artist created a dream world, full of fantasy and surprising things.

We walked through the exhibition and admired the real seeming scarf out of Lego stones, a dress, the bathing slippers, but also all the figures, scenes and pictures and also the dinosaur.

Depending on the budget, one can do both in one day, the free autumn exhibition or the expensive Lego buildings. With a small budget, one can leave it with the colour spectacle of Mother Nature. Because even if the Lego exhibition is very interesting, Mother Nature cannot be beaten.

Bildquelle Herbstbilder: Ruth Rudolph, Erich Keppöer Uschi Dreiucker, Pascal Tippelt / pixelio.de

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