Germany – “Violations against German VAT law are not properly prosecuted” – what does it mean for 2018?

The German Federal Audit Office (“GFAO”) recently published its “Comments 2017” on the German budget of 2016. The GFAO made one really interesting statement in regards to VAT.

Violations against German VAT law are not properly prosecuted:Read More »

Nathan Sawaya versus Mother Nature

DSCI0053 With my youngest one, we like doing discovery tours. On this lovely autumn Sunday, we decided to do a tour around Zurich. We took our scooter and let our moods guide us. Even when we passed places which we know already, we were amazed. That autumn Sunday Zurich was bathing in sun and colours. The leaves had changed colour and instead of green there was gold, yellow, orange, red in all shades and facets. Read More »

Nathan Sawaya versus Mutter Natur

DSCI0053 - Copy  Mit meinem Jüngsten machen wir gerne Entdeckungstouren. An diesem herrlichen Herbstsonntag haben wir uns für eine Reise durch Zürich entschieden. Wir nahmen unsere Trottinetts ‎und lassen uns von Lust und Laune führen. Auch wenn wir durch Orte fahren, die wir bereits kennen, kommen wir aus dem Staunen nicht raus. Read More »

Hamburg – a city for big and small










I am honest. We did not want to go to Hamburg. We wanted to go to the North Sea but when planning the journey it turned out that a flight to Hamburg and an onward journey by train would be the ideal travel route.Read More »

Grotto da Peo

DSCI0111I like being in Ticino. On the way by bike, paddling on the lake, hiking in the mountains, swimming, sailing. There is everything. Wilderness and silence, adventure, art, modernity and past, exciting architecture, smuggling, history, politics, wealth and scarce budgets. Holidays in Ascona are exciting and relaxing at the same time, independent from the weather and in what direction one is heading.Read More »

PwC Webcast: Important Australian GST developments – cross-border intangibles – 14 May 2015

PwC_Swiz_Zurich_R_MB_36.jpgI recommend our next webcast focusing on Important Australian GST developments – cross-border intangibles.Read More »

Australia – Taxation of digital services provided by foreign companies

SONY DSCOn 9 April 2015, the Australian Treasurer announced that the government will be introducing new GST measures aimed at overseas companies supplying digital services into Australia. The Treasurer stated that “a company providing intangible services into Australia, such as media services or so on, wherever they are located they should charge GST on those services.”Read More »