Insider tip in Ascona – Osteria

AsconaWe were hungry. In Ascona there are many restaurants. But on this Sunday, where a fireworks was planned, all places seemed already occupied. We walked through the old town looking for a solution. And then we saw an Osteria. A large yard full of people. One view at the menu and the surprising information “please ask”.

We entered and asked for three seats. We were lucky and the innkeeper gave me and my two children seats at a large table where there was still some space.

We ordered water and half a litre of white wine. For more they did not ask us. Then there was already a wooden board with a huge salami in front of us, then a mixed salad came and finally beef tongue. The innkeeper went around all tables with a large bowl of pasta and served everyone. Then there were plates of polenta and roast beef followed by huge pieces of various kinds of cheese from the surrounding valleys. When our stomachs were already completely full, huge plates with cakes and bottles with Grappa and Limoncello appeared.

We had made friends with all the other guests at the table and it was a cheerful and funny round. This was not just the case at our table but at all tables.

It was like a large family dinner, where everyone from near and far had come in order to see each other, laugh together and to enjoy.

I cannot remember having had such a happy and carefree evening in Switzerland with totally unknown people during my holidays.

And the best at last. It costs nearly nothing. No, it was not for free and in Switzerland everything is expensive, but with all drinks including tips we paid 33 francs per person.

As insider tip to be recommended.

Ascona – Osteria Baldoria


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