Michaela Merz

The smell

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smoke-69124_1280Lost in thoughts I got off the tram. Out of nothing a pleasant smell surrounded me, promising untold treats. But I could not assign the smell. It was round, calming and challenging at the same time and I could not tell what was being cooked or backed. But I felt the strong urge to try this delicacy. It was not difficult to follow the smell. I only had to cross the street and stood in front of a recently opened little bistro. With every step the smell became more tempting and intensive. But I was still in the dark and could not say what I smelt.

The bistro was furnished unpretentiously but with style. Behind the counter stood a man with black hair and mysterious view and enchanting smile.

“What can I do for you?” he asked me.

“What smells so tempting? I asked him.

“The soup?” he said hesitantly.

“What soup do you have today?” I wanted to know.

“Tomato soup”, he answered shortly.

“No”, I said with determination and thought that the smell was sweet and had nothing to do with tomatoes and could not have come from tomato soup.

“Then perhaps the croissants” he suggested and pointed to the fresh butter croissants behind the glass of the counter.

“No” I shook my head. The croissants looked delicious but it was impossible that this slightly sweet nuance of the smell would be from a simple butter croissant.

“In that case” he said decisively, “it is ME.” His eyes smiled when he said it.

“If this is correct”, I answered immediately, “I take two and you do not even need to wrap it”.

I did not find out what the smell was. But I can confirm that the soup, the open sandwiches and the coffee tasted delicious. In case you would like to have a try.

Bildquelle: pixelio.de

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