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Amsterdam to wonder

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22134_web_R_by_schubalu_pixelio.deI like going to the Netherlands. There are many different small things, which are different from at home, which every time make me smile or wonder.

For example that milk is offered as a beverage at lunch just as water at home. Or the many bikes, which probably spread everywhere because the country is so flat. I witnessed several bike accidents and am always again amazed about the matter of course with which the cyclists got up and just continued their journey. I was amazed about the directness of statements, when one is talking to Dutch people.

Water is part of the Netherlands and the canals seem to be as plentiful as the bike paths. Always again I wonder how the Netherlands managed to build so clever and to defend against water and floods that Amsterdam can be 5 metres below sea level. If one drives along a street or a canal, one notices how large the windows are and that the majority of them does not have curtains. That way the living room becomes a public room where anyone walking by can take part in what happens inside.

Yesterday I had dinner on a small boat in Amsterdam. The roof and the sides were of glass so that we had a wonderful view all around. The boat was small, for about 25 people and there was no kitchen, only a bar. Thus for every course the boat had to dock at the bank at a restaurant, so that the course could be served. The sun went down, light mirrored on the water and in combination with the private live behind the windows of the house boats lining the canals this was a fantastic spectacle.

It is also worth travelling in order to wonder about home many really tall people there are.

Bildquelle: schubalu  / pixelio.de / Zsolt Tenczer

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